Featured here are samples of advertising poster designs for billboards, transit ads, banners, and backlit mall kiosks that I created for various clients while working in the poster printing industry.

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Billboard poster created in Adobe Photoshop utilizing auto images downloaded from Toyota USA's website.

Billboard created again in Photoshop. The picture was scanned from a film print provided by the client. The image had to be cleaned up, tastefully cropped to eliminate background clutter, and placed in the layout.

Here we have a case of taking a "car card" - a design meant to be affixed to a sign holder on the roof of a taxicab - such as this one......

....... and make it fit the proportions of a transit poster intended to be affixed to buses like this one - and do it using "flattened" artwork!

This poster design started life as a transit ad, intended to be printed on self-adhesive vinyl and affixed to the side of a bus. The client wanted it reworked to fit a billboard.

Backlit mall posters created using client-provided images.

Backlit airport poster design created from a single client-provided image of the warped Manhattan skyline.

Poster series created for Salermo Jewelers to promote their various lines of fashion eyewear using client-provided images.

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