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  "Hybrid Tea Rose"
  This photo-realistic rendering in airbrushed acrylic depicts a variety
  of rose known as "The Blue Nile". It is presented as a page from a
  gardening book with tabular data from the American Rose Society.

  "A Simple Still Life"
  This rendering was my first excursion into painting with watercolors.
  As the work progressed I fell into the trap of applying my colors
  opaquely rather than with layers of translucent washes. I ended up
  fine-tuning it with colored pencils and gouache, making it a mixed
  media work.

  "Spike in the Interdimensional Portal"
  And now for something completely different: a wrought iron spike man
  figure, rendered in india ink and colored pencil, engaged in an attempt
  to traverse space-time. It was a fun, fanciful subject to render.

  "Dew Drops & Red Petals"
  Another rose done in airbrushed acrylic, but this time a classic red
  variety. To add greater interest, a few random drops of dew have
  been added in gouache.

  "Drapery Apparition"
  Seemingly suspended in mid-air, this drapery study in charcoal does
  seem to be an apparition of sorts. This drawing and the others below
  were an exercise in the use of traditional drawing media such as vine

  "Shadow Play"
  In this drawing the paper was first toned overall by holding a stick of
  vine charcoal against the paper sideways and rubbing it across
  uniformly. The drawing was then started by using erasers as positive
  drawing tools.

  "The Open Paper Sack"
  Another hurdle on the road to competence in drawing with vine
  charcoal. Achieving subtlety in value with this medium is a challenge,
  but I like to think that I have reached that goal with this series.

  "A Child's Favorite No More"
  A simple pen and ink sketch of a simple subject: an old worn shoe in
  an antique steel-wheeled rollerskate. As I rendered it, I was reminded
  of how I bruised and skinned my knees while riding on such skates as
  a boy.

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