Welcome to my Fine Art Photo gallery! Posted here are groupings of photos I've taken in a more creative vein. When I travel I have my digital camera in the car with me - even when running errands around town - in case something catches my eye. That's how several of these photo sets came to be. So please enjoy and feel free to contact me with your feedback.

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The Urban Version of the Ark on Mount Ararat

Right smack in the middle of downtown Fort Payne sits this forlorn, abandoned boat. I discovered it while doing some architectural / urban shots and couldn't resist creating this series!

Various candid shots of people out enjoying themselves on an unusually mild, spring-like mid-February afternoon in the park a while back. I managed to pull off being unobtrusive enough to keep folks from becoming aware that a camera was being trained on them - which is the trick to shooting pictures like these.

The Porcelain Mask Series

Various Architectural Photos

Landscapes, Little River Falls, Bridges & Highways

Various Statuary

Black & White
Various shots done with my 35mm Pentax camera using TMax 400 black & white film: available light architecture shot at night, statues of the Holy Family, a townsquare at sunrise, and a city park after a light dusting of snow.

Color Mechanical
Selected farm equipment shots done with my 35mm Pentax film camera at the Central Washington Agricultural History Museum.

I created this image as an Adobe Photoshop exercise done just for fun. The starscape background was created entirely in Photoshop. I then scanned a photo of the starship model into Photoshop, removed it from it's original background, and then placed it in the digitally created universe. I then added the glow effects to the reflector dish and engine nacelles, with the final touch being the addition of a motion blur.

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