Featured here are samples of photography that I've done for various clients and have been published in brochures, newspaper ads, magazine articles, or used on promotional websites.

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Product photography done for Valinda Miracle's brochure. These are a few of the images that she had me shoot at her pottery shop in an impromptu fashion, using her camera. I later downloaded the images from her memory card to my computer for incorporation in her brochure. To learn more about Miracle Pottery & Art, click here.

A picture story series commissioned by the Washington State Department of Transportation and used to educate the public on the difficulties and dangers of clearing the state highways of snowpack through the passes in the Cascade Mountains. The process required skiers to pioneer and mark a safe path on top of the snowpack for dozers. The dozers would "sidecast" the snow off the mountain to within a few feet of the roadbed, then snowblowers & plows would clear the remainder. Due to the avalanche hazard, everyone - myself included - were required to wear GPS transponders in case we were buried alive!

Black & white picture story series done again for the Washington State Department of Transportation, but the subject this time is their traffic sign shop. The series documented the process of traffic sign fabrication in an attempt to educate people about the costs of replacing signs damaged or destroyed by vandalism.

Some more of my black & white work: sporting event photography - in this case, a martial arts competition. These images were used in newspaper coverage of the event.

Color photos that I shot at Sun Valley Shooting Park with my 35mm film camera that were used to illustrate the ad campaign & brochure that I designed for the Central Washington Range Conservancy. When the CWRC board expressed a desire to have the brochure done in black & white to save on printing costs, I scanned the color film negatives into Photoshop and changed the color mode to grayscale, then to CMYK, turning the images into black & white.

Here we have a collection of various model aircraft photos that are typical of work that I've done for FineScale Modeler and the IPMS Journal.

In-progress macro photography, with call-outs added in Photoshop, done for one of my FineScale Modeler article submissions.

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