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Below is the book, "Heroes of the Sky", that I illustrated & designed for author Scott Baker Sweeney & Publisher Christy Broady, President of the H.Weir Cook Memorial Project & Co-Founder of the Indiana Air Museum.

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Back in late March 2014 I was asked via Facebook e-mail by Ms. Christy Broady, President of the H. Weir Cook Memorial Project - Indiana & founder of the Indiana Air Museum, if - as an aviation artist - I could do renderings of helicopters as cartoon characters! I told her that I wasn't a dedicated cartoonist, but as a devoted illustrator I felt capable of doing the job!

During a subsequent phone call she elaborated her vision to me of being able to provide educational books to children who attended helicopter displays conducted by the Indiana Air Search & Rescue Service, whose H-13 Sioux & UH-1D Huey aircraft were finished in Vietnam War era markings. She had already obtained the support of Indiana author Scott Baker Sweeney, who generously donated the story for the book, & the support of the Howard County (Indiana) Vietnam Veterans Organization, whose members have raised the money to pay for the publishing. Along the way, I also offered to volunteer my services as a graphic designer to give the book its finished look & prepare it for digital pre-press.

During this discourse, I became infected with Christy's passionate enthusiam to create something that the Vietnam veterans could share with their grandchildren that would help these kids understand their grandparents' war & honor the memory of those who names are engraved on the face of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. The book was released during the Howard County Vietnam Veterans 32nd Annual Reunion that was conducted September 18th, 19th, 20th & 21st, 2014 in Greentown, IN. To learn more about the Howard County Vietnam Veterans Organization, visit their webpage at: .

To learn more about how you may acquire a copy of "Heroes of the Sky" or help Christy Broady with a donation for this worthy cause, visit her webpage at: H. Weir Cook Memorial Project .

Below are images showing the page designs from the book featuring characters that I created: "Huey" - the UH-1D Iroquois general utility helicopter, "Tooie" - the CH-47 Chinook heavy-lift helicopter, & "Sioux" - the H-13 Sioux recon helicopter.

Here is the page layout of the front and back covers.

Page layout of the inner front cover and title page.

Page layout of pages 1 & 2.

Layout design of pages 3 & 4.

Layout design of pages 5 & 6.

Layout design of pages 7 & 8.

Layout design of pages 9 & 10.

Layout design of pages 11 & 12.

Layout design of pages 13 & 14.

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