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  "447th Bomb Group B-17G Drawing"
  A detailed pencil study of a classic Boeing B-17G in natural metal
  finish of the 447th Bomb Group's 710th Bomb Squadron done as the
  basis for an upcoming painting! The original & prints are available, so
  click the image to the left to see more!

  Custom Framed Giclee Prints
  A small selection of a few of my aviation art prints that are custom
  framed using quality, archival materials, ready to hang & adorn your
  wall! Click the image to the left to have a look!

  "Cold War Sentinel"
  A study of an Avro Vulcan B.2, Serial XM648 of 101 Squadron, RAF.
  The Vulcan was the most famous & long-lived of Britain's nuclear "V"
  bombers during the Cold War, often being tested in its mission to rain
  destruction on the Soviet Union by scrambles in all weather as shown

  "Cold War Sentinel" Video on  
  Click the image to the left to see my video demonstration of
  how I rendered this elegant delta-winged icon of the Cold War.

  "Chasing the Wind"
  A study of Grumman's F11F Tiger at altitude. The Tiger was a ground
  breaking aircraft as it was one of the U.S. Navy's first jet fighters that
  was capable of going supersonic in level flight.

  "Chasing the Wind" Video on  
  Click the image to the left to see my work-in-progress demonstration
  of how I created this scene that evokes the feel of the freedom of flight.

  "F11F Tiger Pencil Study No. 1"
  One of two studies of Grumman's F11F Tiger that I did prior to
  rendering "Chasing the Wind" , above. Such sketches enable me to get
  the "feel" of how the light plays on the aircraft's surfaces.

  "F11F Tiger Pencil Study No. 2"
  The second study of Grumman's F11F Tiger that I did prior to
  rendering "Chasing the Wind" . These sketches also helped me to
  settle on the "in-flight" composition that I finally used in the finished

  "Friday Harbor Soliloquy"
  Renowned as a superlative utility & bush plane, the DeHavilland
  Beaver is still used the world over by small flying services to access
  areas the large airlines can't reach. Here I've recreated a scene that I
  witnessed at Friday Harbor, Washington in the San Juan Islands.

  "Friday Harbor Soliloquy" Video on  
  Click the image to the left to view my work-in-progress demonstration
  of how I recreated this scene from Friday Harbor, Washington.

  "DeHavilland Beaver Study No. 1"
  A pencil drawing of a DeHavilland Beaver done as I explored ideas for
  "Friday Harbor Soliloquy" . Rendered from one of the reference photos
  that I shot at Friday Harbor during our trip to the San Juan Islands.

  "Itinerant Fliers"
  This study of polished aluminum in airbrushed acrylic came about as a
  result of my attendance at the 2010 Auburn-Opelika Airshow where this
  immaculate vintage Lockheed Model 12 was on display. The title was
  derived from the migratory nature of birds & airshow attendees.

  "Itinerant Fliers" Video on  
  Click on the image to the left to see my demonstration video of this
  study of polished aluminum done in airbrushed acrylic retouched with

  Ian "Widge" Gleed was a young fighter pilot & flight leader who
  became Squadron Leader of Number 87 Squadron, R.A.F. flying
  Hawker Hurricanes during the Battle of Britain. Click on Widge's
  portrait to see this undertaking in oil & acrylic on canvas.

  "Widge" Video on  
  Click on Widge's image to the left to see the step-by-step video of this
 oil & acrylic on canvas undertaking.

  "Widge Pencil Study"
  A study done based on a wartime photo as I worked out how to
 correctly render Ian Gleed seated in his Hawker Hurricane.

  "The Gruesome Twosome"
  The most successful Lead/Wingman team of the Tuskegee Airmen,
  1LT Lee Archer and his partner, CPT Wendell Pruitt, perform a
  protective weave over B-24's of the 451st Bomb Group in their P-51C
  Mustangs in this boxtop painting commissioned by Accurate

  "Fair Skies Over England"
  A 334th Fighter Group pilot wings his P-51 over the English
  countryside, sometime after D-Day in 1944. This airbrushed acrylic
  rendering was a labor of love as the P-51 Mustang is an all time
  favorite aircraft of mine.

  "Under New Management"
  An unusual aviation subject, this rendering depicts a Dewoitine D.520
  that has been impressed into service by the Germans as a fighter trainer
  during the Nazi occupation of France in World War II.

  "Hawker Hurricane Study"
  This straightforward pencil rendering is a study for the in-progress
  painting of "Widge" Gleed's Hurricane fighter shown above. Drawn to
  get the "feel" of how the plane's shape affects the play of light and
  shadow on its surface, it has been an invaluable exercise.

  "Me-109 Fighter Study"
  Willy Messerschmitt's Me-109 is the subject of this pencil rendering.
  Done as a study for a future painting, it is depicted at a forward field
  airstrip location during the high tide of Hitler's invasion of Russia.

  "Macchi MC-202 Fighter"
  The Italian Macchi-Castoldi firm was the manufacturer of this trim
  and asthetically pleasing fighter plane. It is considered one of the best
  aircraft that came out of Mussolini's Fascist regime. It was drawn as a
  study for a future painting project that never achieved fruition.

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