Featured here are samples of autographics designed and applied to vehicles for previous clients.

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Unique, custom graphics created for the Yakima Sheriff's Department, Yakima, Washington. This job made their D.A.R.E. program car the most distinctive vehicle in their fleet!

The choice of red self-adhesive vinyl to apply to the black paint made for a cool "stealthy" look.

Three-quarter rear view of custom ambulance graphics created and applied for Advanced Life Systems of Yakima, Washington.

Another view of ALS # 4 in the Advance Life Systems shop in Yakima, Washington shortly after application of its graphics.

Three-quarter front view from above of ALS # 4 at Advanced Life Systems of Yakima, Washington.

Recreational vehicle graphics created for Western RV of Yakima, Washington. A variation of the four basic designs shown here were rendered in differing color schemes to give the client a broad choice of vehicle graphics for their RVs.

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