As a graphic artist, photography, illustration, and writing are all components of my trade. Becoming a regular contributing author for hobby publications such as FineScale Modeler and the IPMS Journal has allowed me to put all of these creative disciplines to good use in the writing of informative and entertaining magazine articles illustrated with my own photography and how-to drawings. I have also created clear, detailed step-by-step instructional illustrations for past clients, and recently, model kit boxtop illustration. Below is a sampling of such work for your consideration. If you have need of an artist who can create promotional / instructional literature & product illustration, please feel free to contact   me.

(Click on the images to see each article)

  Children's Book Illustration & Design
  Click on the image to the left to see my illustrations & page design
  for "Heroes of the Sky", a book to for making children aware of
  the service of Vietnam Veterans.

  Model Kit Boxtop Illustration
  Click on the image to the left to see the process involved in
  producing the Tuskegee Airmen P-51C boxtop art for Accurate

  Magazine Article Illustration
  A gallery of illustrations included with one of my
  article submissions to FineScale Modeler

  FineScale Modeler, February 2006
  "Resurrecting a Classic S.E.5a - Improving the Old
  Monogram/Aurora World War I Fighter"

  FineScale Modeler, September 2002
  "From Buzz Bomb to U.S. Navy Loon - Converting Testor's
  Old V-1 Kit into a Showpiece"

  FineScale Modeler, November 2000
  "Modeling a Late War Messerchmitt - Fine Tuning
  Revell-Monogram's Bf-109G"

  IPMS Journal, Nov. / Dec. 1994
  One of a couple of photoessays submitted
  to the IPMS/USA Journal.

  Illustration for Baldt Archery
  A series of step-by-step drawings professionally created to
  illustrate the instruction sheet for use of their "Dipp Stik"
  archery field tip system.

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